“GAIA” SPC flooring ask you to read the instructions carefully before beginning the installation at site & follow the installation and maintenance guidelines to avail the warranty if required infuture. This warranty is NOT transferable & may not be claimed by any other than the original purchaser therefore keep the proof of purchase such as invoice, invoice statement or payment details.

A) Installation :
1. Acclimatization of SPC in a room temperature is recommended for 24 hrs at the installation site.
2. Zero level floor is recommended. Incase, if the floor has a slope, pothale, convex or concave part of more than 03 mm per sq.mtr. then self levelling is recommended else/otherwise damage of products are not covered under warranty.
3. Ensure the surface is structurally sound, clean & dry before the installation.
4. 04-05 mm gap is recommended from all wall side.
5. Do not install over subfloor such as – Hardwood, Carpets, Vinly or Laminate floorings etc.
6. After installing 02 or 03 rows check the straightness using a string line. If the planks are not running straight, it may be caused by unevenness in the starting wall. The first row may require to be re-trimmed to adjust accordingly.
7. T-Profile is recommended above 250 Sqm. or 20 Rmtr.
8. Do not install over expansion joints.

B) Maintenance :
1. Clean dust & debris regular basis using a broom or vacuum cleaner with soft bristles
2. Place mats at exterior doors to reduce dirt and debris tracked in onto floor. Do not use mats with rubber or latex backers as they may cause discoloration or staining to SPC.
3. Use felt protectors or other protective devices under furniture, particularly items that are frequently moved. Any furniture with casters should not have ball casters. Only wide, non-staining rubber casters are to be used on SPC. Use protective mats underneath office chairs.
4. Clean any spills immediately.
5. Do not drag heavy objects or furnitures across floor.

B) Warranty :
1. The company warranty that the surface of the material will not crack or peel from normal use.
2. The company covers the life time damage against termites.
3. Warranty does not cover the discolouration from flooding & direct sunlight, leaking plumbing or continue water coming from sliding doors etc.
4. Warranty does not cover if the floor moisture level is more than 11%, although GAIA SPC planks are 100% waterproof. When the water accumulate and allowed to settle for a while mold and, or mildew can occur. Therefore, damages resulting from mold and/or mildew growth due to prolonged exposure to moisture, water stagnating under the floor never comes under warranty.
5. Warranty do not cover the accidents, misuse by sharp/heavy objects.
6. GAIA SPC flooring is made for interior usage of residential or moderate commercial building area.
7. Shades/colours of products may vary from lot to lot as per standard industry norms. Therefore, Please check the lot nos. of all boxes required at same site before beginning the installation.
8. Damage arising because the flooring is installed in an outdoor area, a solarium, a porch, a garage or areas similar to all of these.
9. We recommend to use the company’s accessories or any other waterproof accessories with the GAIA SPC floorings. Accessories are not coverd under warranty.
10. Recommended life of the GAIA SPC flooring is 15 years, while it covers the limited warranty of 07 years against any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.
Amount contribution against time period
07 Years Limited Warranty against recommended usage area

1st Year – 2nd Year 100%
3rd Year – 5th Year 50%
6th Year – 7th Year 20%