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[ gey-uh ]

GAIA…. the Greek goddesses of Earth, mother of all life, the Hindi: Prithvi –  the Vast One. Following our tradition of being an early adapter with inherit genetics of providing QUALITY products and services, Sanson group has launched their latest label GAIA – The new world of Floorings Fashion.

We consistently aimed to provide high-quality globally inspired Flooring solution. Our products adhere to global quality standards, driven by a common objective of innovation, value, efficient services and committed support for our customers.

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6 Reasons to Choose GAIA

Efficiency & Adaptability are the backbones behind every process at GAIA.


Adhere to Global Quality

Manufacture on latest machine

Efficent & committed staff

Environment friendly


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+91 11-49967406

+91 11-49967406

Have any questions?
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A Full Range of Carpet Flooring Designs

For GAIA, flooring is more than what you walk on and an opportunity to push the boundaries of design.

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